Civic Engagement 

Ethiopiawinnet is a rights based civic organization. As a council for the defense of citizen’s rights, advocating for the human rights of Ethiopians is an integral part of Ethiopiawinnet’s second pillar, civic engagement.

We work to remove barriers that limit people’s right to express themselves and reach their full potential. Ethiopiawinnet values, celebrates and defends this right.

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Advocacy Initiatives

Introducing House Resolution 128

These resolutions call on the US Department of State to improve oversight of US assistance, and review security assistance, to Ethiopia. These resolutions call the US Agency for International Development to lead efforts to develop a strategy to support improved democracy and governance in Ethiopia. Most importantly, these resolutions support the peaceful efforts of the Ethiopian to exercise their rights under the Ethiopian constitution.

Click here to view House Resolution 128 (PDF)

Why it matters? 

We Ethiopiawinnet and Ethiopian American Coalition believe these resolutions are the first step in getting the Ethiopian government to see the errors in their ways. Having a government as influential as the US government stand up and speak out against the Ethiopian government is huge. We need the entire Ethiopian community’s assistance though! So please go vote and e-mail your congressmen and women regarding these resolutions. Together we can help our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia!

How To help

Download the template at the link below to write a letter to your congressmen and women to co-sponsor this resolution!

Click here to view Letter Template (PDF)


More information

For more information including actions, current stages and cosponsors of the bill, please visit the page at this link.


Notable Civic Organizations

Below are links to websites and selected documents of notable civic organizations which we value highly as flag-bearers of the worldwide movement for human rights.  These include but not limited to ENPCP, EINEPS, Ethiopian CSOs, Global CSOs, and important rights-based declarations, reports, or legislation.