Ethiopiawinnet Social Responsibility for Impact In Ethiopia is a rights-based international civic organization of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia registered as a non-profit in the state of Illinois.  It came about after years of planning by a number of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) which established this unified organization in late 2012. We seek non-profit, non-partisan, independent and united civic organizations to work on our common global agenda; maximize our human, material and financial resources; and avoid current duplication of efforts by Ethiopians around the world.

Ethiopiawinnet envisions a world where ordinary citizens are empowered to participate fully as agents in the affairs of their communities and their country. We have come to the realization that the civil leg needed for this empowerment has been deliberately enfeebled in Ethiopia. The public square has so far been dominated by the ruling political party, with fragmented opposition political parties enjoying only fleeting access. Without a strong and independent civic movement to defend basic freedoms (of speech, press, assembly, and association), civic trust will continue to be eroded. The absence of mammoth grassroots civic movement is the missing link for the delay or absence of constructive social and political change. Ethiopiawinnet seeks to be the grassroots civic movement that brings constructive social and political change.





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