Blog 1. Guidelines for Guest Bloggers by Admin (2012)

  1. We welcome thoughtful blog submissions from Members as well as non-members for inclusion in this website.

  2. The motivation and focus of the submissions should be educational and the nurturing of a democratic civic culture and the promotion of civic society organizations (CSOs) in Ethiopia and its growing Diaspora.

  3. Because we are a rights-based organization, our activities can be unavoidably “political,” but we are fiercely independent and unabashedly non-partisan. We, therefore, discourage submissions which seek to provide explicit support for or criticism of specific political organizations or their leaders. Their programs and vision are, however, fair game so long as the analyses are pertinent to issues that are central to public dialog on the means and ends of democratization, and the promotion of respect for the rule of law and human rights.

  4. We accept blogs in English or Amharic (as well as in other Ethiopian languages) which are written in a style that is accessible to a general readership, especially in Ethiopia. We are particularly keen on short (2-5 pages), well-reasoned, non-polemical, jargon-free, and evidence-based commentaries.

  5. Any and all considered opinions expressed in the blogs posted on this website are not in any way to be construed as the views of Ethiopiawinnet (ኢትዮጵያዊነት).

  6. We also welcome comments on blogs or activities reported on this site, but reserve the right to filter out those which violate the spirit outlined in 1-5 above.

  7. See Blog #2 for a list of issues and questions about free citizenship we are most interested in exploring and debating. Thank you, and happy blogging! 

Tesfamichael Makonnen